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At least someone is paying attention! Kudos to Suzanne Kim on her piece “Hipper Than Thou” (6/20). I used to frequent the secretive 18th Street Lounge. I vowed never to return and have taken a few friends with me.

Last year, my evening started with a locked door on a Friday night. Surprised, we assumed it was closed, maybe a private party, only to find that the bouncer was checking out my friend and me through the one-way-mirrored door (apparently to see if we made the fashion grade). While we stood in front deciding where to go next, the bouncer unlocked the door for us to enter.

Next, we had to pay $5 to get in after we had enjoyed many nights dancing to the cool sounds upstairs for free. A recent door-policy change? We reluctantly forked over the $5 and walked upstairs. Then, there were tables where the dance floor used to be. The music sucked and there were eight people sitting around chatting. What the hell is that?!

So, after a record-breaking five minutes in there, we bolted for the door and swore never to return. I’d like to give the Lounge some advice, coming from New York myself: If you’re going to give people a hard time about getting in, you’d better make it worth it. I don’t see many people knocking down your door lately.

Adams Morgan

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