Please explain to me why such a flimsy, bruised-ego diatribe like Suzanne Kim’s “Hipper Than Thou” (6/20) is chosen to be featured in your weekly. What exactly is the point of that article? Is it really regarding the door policy of a particular bar? If so, I would be much more interested, and it would be significantly more illuminating, to see it within the context of other clubs in this city (not L.A. or N.Y.C.).

It seems much more evident that the real issue at hand is that Ms. Kim and her friends are bent out of shape because they don’t meet the approval of a certain coterie they wish to be a part of. Is this trivial and personal schlock the kind of thing you feel merits publication? Unfortunately for Kim, the towering averageness of her journalism (backed by a hokey undercover team of Washington City Paper agents to sniff out the truly dark secrets) doesn’t even merit the pages set aside for the lowliest gripes of a high-school cut-and-paste fanzine. Still, it somehow managed to cut the mustard for your increasingly more pointed editorial slant. In this case, my concern lies less in the potentially arbitrary and idiosyncratic door policy of a club and more in a free weekly that supports such painfully trite and irrelevant scribbling. There seems to be too much in this city to cover for there to be room for Kim’s sniveling and drab perspective.

Honestly, if she and her troop of hip and stylish rejects are so confused and offended by the 18th Street Lounge, they should open their own swinging late-night spot, where they can flaunt their good taste and celebrate how wonderfully fabulous they know they are. In the meantime, as far as I can tell, Kim’s nasally scrawl and James Watts’ accompanying shadowy photograph succeed only in giving the 18th Street Lounge and Mattress Discounters free promotion. How about a little more effort and a little less effrontery next time?

Adams Morgan

via the Internet