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With 131 albums in his oeuvre, you wouldn’t think there would be much new territory left for England’s Mad Professor to explore. But the reigning master of dub continues to find new ways to slice, dice, and deconstruct reggae on his latest project, Dub You Crazy With Love. The Professor combines two mainstays of his Ariwa label, experimental dub and lovers’ rock (soulful reggae slow jams in the vein of Bob Marley’s “Stir It Up”). As artists from Yellowman to Rancid have discovered, Mad Professor’s trick in marrying such disparate styles is understanding the flow of the music and working within it. Lovers’ rock’s strongest feature is the voice of the crooner; here, the vocalists range from Kofi to Jocelyn Brown. Wisely, the Professor keeps their contributions intact and up front, maintaining the R&B structure and letting the singers, rather than the effects, carry the music. The dub touch comes instead in the delicate backup harmonies in “Dub My Heart,” a sharp rewind in “Lovers Rock Dub,” and gently psychedelic synthesizers on “Pya.” The Professor makes light use of his usual arsenal—blasts of echo, reverb, and distortion—but when he unleashes such techniques it’s to great effect. Sensing that too much jarring interference would negate lovers’ rock’s innate soulfulness, he limits his changes on Dub You Crazy With Love, which is why it never takes on the cold, lifeless feel of rote techno. Mad Professor succeeds on Love because he recognizes what others before him often haven’t—while cutting-edge studio wizardry is always fun, sometimes you’re better off without it.—Joshua Green