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After reading your intern guide, I was struck sharply by one segment in which I was interviewed by your reporter (“Tombs of Glory,” 6/20). My comments were not taken out of context; they were woven from whole cloth. I absolutely deny all of them except for the bare facts: my name, my employer’s name, and where I attend college. Otherwise, the statements were made up and positioned in such a fashion as to present me and the intern program in a harsh light. I met your reporter, gave my name and the other facts, and spoke little more from there. I do not doubt that my employer, Senator Hollings, is a brilliant man, only I never said that. At the time I met your reporter, I had not yet laid eyes on Senator Hollings, much less spoken to him, so I was in no position to gauge his brilliance or demeanor. When I was at the Tombs, I was still dressed from work, but do not recall wearing my badge as an emblem of power, nor do I recall sweating heavily. My blazer was Polo, but my pants were, in fact, Dockers—not Gap. This detail, while needlessly presented in your article, is only indicative of its lack of veracity. I pray that this style of predatory, bad-faith journalism is not consistent with the City Paper’s usual fare.

Charlottesville, Va.