Congratulations to Washington City Paper for “breaking,” in their review of Waco: The Rules of Engagement (6/20), a critical story that the Washington Post has refused to mention and the Washington Times has mentioned only in passing: the Branch Davidians’ allegation that on Feb. 25, 1993, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms agents in helicopters fired down upon them.

As City Paper described, a ATF agent seems to have admitted to Davidians over the phone that federal agents shot from helicopters. Also, the film includes an interview with a Davidian survivor who saw evidence that another Davidian was killed from such a gunshot. There’s also a chilling video of a helicopter circling near the tall water tower and allegedly shooting a Davidian on top of it.

Other evidence that has been quieted by the government and the media includes: ATF pre-raid discussions of using helicopter gunfire as a diversion; an agent in the helicopter admitting before Congress that agents were armed and permitted to fire in self-defense; the government’s allegation that Davidians fired at helicopters, which might have triggered such a “self-defense” response; ATF video from inside the helicopter showing the approach to the compound and containing sounds of gunfire; television video showing bullets entering the roof from an almost perpendicular angle; two Davidians’ complaints to 911 officers during the raid about such firing; 13 Davidian survivors’ testimony about seeing and hearing such gunfire; one prosecution witness’s testimony about a bullet coming through a window at her; two Davidian attorneys’ and a prosecution witness’s testimony about bullet-hole evidence in the highest roof; autopsy evidence indicating four Davidians were probably killed from gunfire from above and outside the building.

Millions of Americans believe “Waco” is just one more conspiracy to cover up police brutality and imprison innocent victims.

Washington, D.C.