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Despite fewer outlets for live shows, go-go goes on. Promising tighter security at the warehouse space, the promoter for De Zulu Cave has begun showcasing the Huck-A-Bucks and Junkyard Band every Sunday night. The Hucks’ 1995 debut, Chronic Breakdown, and follow-up, Live, contained some infectious upbeat cuts that were more than just standard D.C. conga and keyboard grooves. Their new double CD, You Betta’ Move Somethin’!, exhibits their usual tight, funky musicianship, but lacks fresh hooks. Likewise, JYB’s craftiest compositions date from their past (such as their “Sardines”/”The Word” 12-inch) with their latest CD, Go-Hard, emphasizing adroitly played, but melodically unoriginal, languid vamps. Hopefully, both groups will reach back in their songbooks tonight. At 10 p.m. at De Zulu Cave, 2221 Adams Place N.E. $8. (301) 236-5511. (Steve Kiviat)