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While I’ll be the first to admit that the “Intern Guide” (6/20) was a sophomoric, slightly elitist, “look there’s another East Coast prep schooler with his blue blazer, Gap/Dockers pants, and Jansport backpack” tome, I think many of my fellow interns failed to understand that was the point.

It’s amusing how defensive people can get, suggesting that a free weekly “lack(s) veracity” (George Morrison, The Mail, 7/4) or is a “ripe candidate for libel” (Julie Bodam). Pul-lease. It’s called humor. It’s a free weekly rag, for goodness sakes. Chill out your self-centered, whiny spirit. It’s not Washington City Paper’s fault you dress straight out of a Martha Stewart Living spread or apparently didn’t learn legal terminology at your allegedly “responsible journalism” teaching internship.

Although I thought the issue was actually quite lame, as far as cutting-edge satire or backhanded insight went (What? You mean interns might have to make coffee? What? My White House badge isn’t a pass to meet beautiful people of the opposite sex? What? This internship won’t lead to a job in Sen. Dole’s office? What? Sen. Dole’s not a senator anymore?), I do think it served a good purpose—getting some of these future policy makers, bureaucrats, and (God forbid) legislators ready for a real newspaper to cut into them. If they can’t handle the City Paper’s critiques, they’d better buy tissues now for the day someone criticizes the substance of their work, not just their style.

Realistic about my summer internship,

Arlington Va.

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