When Igor Butman lived in the former Soviet Union, the Russian tenor saxophonist fronted one of only four jazz bands officially recognized in Moscow. And since the Kremlin dug him, as did Soviet music critics, Butman received priority gigs with touring American musicians like Dave Brubeck, Pat Metheny, and Grover Washington Jr. Not that Butman didn’t deserve the company, as his new album, Nostalgia, emphatically demonstrates. Butman’s tenor tone is as robust as Sonny Rollins’ and his imagination is almost as wild-eyed. Hear the man who learned about jazz from the Voice of America when Butman brings his quartet at 8:30 & 10:30 p.m. to the Willard Hotel’s Nest Lounge, 1401 Pennsylvania Ave. NW. $14. (202) 628-9100. (Christopher Porter)