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Loose Lips’ punditry in the 7/11 issue (“Perhaps the voting age should be lowered to 13 to improve the caliber of the electorate in D.C.”) reflects attitudes and perspectives on the people of Washington, D.C., that are obviously arrogant, snide, and paternalistic. Given the racial composition of the electorate, the comment is also thoroughly racist.

Regrettably, paternalistic sentiment like this is also quite common in the District—a fact not lost on most of the city’s black residents and taxpayers.

Considering the vicious nature of the comment—and Loose Lips’ seeming indifference as an analyst to the political interests of others who are differently situated, in which the comment is embedded—nothing less than an apology from Loose Lips, and Washington City Paper, is in order.

Or is playing the race card only wrong, in Loose Lips’ moral calculus, when black politicians do it?

Adams Morgan