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OK, OK. I’ll cut the LESers a break for being hopelessly optimistic (“Nicely Iced,” 7/11), but I can’t help but think they are missing one important variable: Let’s say all goes well as planned, and 100,000 years from now they are “reanimated.” What makes them think that they will come back as they are right now?

I can just picture the scene: A freshly reanimated man is sitting in front of some futuristic video display watching the videotape that he prepared for the journey. The screen goes dark. “Well,” says one of the anxious technicians, “what do you think?” Then, in a voice completely changed by time spent in frozen limbo: “That was me? Dang, was I a geek or what? I don’t want to be a single perfectionist, atheist male with above-average intelligence! I’d rather be a bubba!”

Moral of the story, kids: You can’t freeze out Ma Nature!

Oakton, Va.

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