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Your sad account of mass evictions in Dupont Circle (“Gentrification in the Dead of Night,” 7/18) was a story that needed to see the light of day. Several Dupont Circle ANC commissioners (myself included) saw the building being suddenly closed down and tried to get the lowdown and to see what was being done to help the former tenants. Perhaps due to political naivete, stonewalling from the District government, or the swiftness of the action, there was little we could find out or do. Neither had the previous problems at the Churchill been reported to us. I wish we had pursued it more effectively, but other issues unfortunately forced us to divert our attentions.

It’s a shame that this article couldn’t have come out before last May when the new ANC rubber-stamped the developers’ plans for the condo-ization of the building. Armed with the facts, the ANC could have better expressed and represented a neighborhood’s concern for its neighbors.

Dupont Circle

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