When Scrubby Nubbins speaks, people listen. Well, they should. Because Mr. Nubbins is Keeper of the Wisdom, a follower of that most mysterious of ancient faiths, water witching. Yes, Scrubby is a master of the divining rod. In use for about 8,000 years to locate precious underground water in H2O-hostile climates, the forked stick is yet another unjust victim of science’s smug march. Sure, land-based APT/WEFAX weather satellite systems using an electrostatic or dye sublimation printer can give a fairly decent picture of the relative liquidity of the soil. But dammit, how much fun is that? Scrubby Nubbins will explain why his dowsing stick beats the microchip in “Walk on the Weird Side: Divining Rods,” a walk and talk at 10 & 11:30 a.m. at Hidden Pond Nature Center, 8511 Greeley Blvd., Springfield. $2. For reservations call (703) 451-9588. (Dave Nuttycombe)