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Does David Byrne really have the rhythm in him, or, like so many good postmodernists, does he just know where to shop for his grooves? This question has endured since Talking Heads’ Fear of Music. Nearly as famous for his apparent emotional detachment as for forcing connections between punk, pop, and world-funk, Byrne has never given us a straight answer. Feelings, Byrne’s latest, is loaded with sarcastic allusions to the artist’s cold core—the Byrne action figures in the cover art, the “David Byrne mood computer” that allows you to “determine your feelings.” It may go without saying that Byrne still finds intimacy a little weird. But like his best work, Feelings’ music is a skillful patchwork of Latin and African styles fused with Byrne’s obsessions du jour—in this case triphop, drum-and-bass, and a morbid fear of insignificance. Byrne is at his most revealing live, but don’t expect him to re-enact his robotlike performance in the Stop Making Sense concert video, during which he made a joke and a decent point from the stiffness that’s assumed to be a symptom of being overeducated and white. On his last tour, Byrne seemed happy just to lead his band like a stoic pro, suggesting that he might be living comfortably with the universal groove within. Either that or he has downloaded enough data to keep things running smoothly. Jazz-hiphoppers Coolbone open at 8 p.m. at Wolf Trap Filene Center, 1624 Trap Rd., Vienna. $15-25. (703) 255-1860. (Brett Anderson)