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It might be pure conjecture, but it’s been said that there is a woman who involuntarily orgasms at the sound of Fred Norris’ voice. Much like the Midwesterner who succumbed to seizures every time Entertainment Tonight’s perky host Mary Hart would chatter at the camera, it seems this lascivious lady discovered her special talent by chance: While sitting in morning traffic listening to Howard Stern, she began to bop up and down in unbridled bliss. Norris, Stern’s soundbite guy and vocal impressionist, rarely speaks on the air, at least in his own voice. But when he blesses the airwaves with his serene inflections, there’s someone out there banging on every word. So girls, try to keep your hands out of your panties when the band King Norris appears with the Kelly Bell Band and Mary Prankster at 9 p.m. at the Bayou, 3135 K St. NW. $10. (202) 333-2897. (Elisa Nader)