Sure, Louisiana vocalist Rosie Ledet’s renown is attributable in part to gorgeous high cheekbones and obvious double-entendre lyrics such as, “I’ve got a place where he can bury his bone,” from “I’m Gonna Take Care of Your Dog.” But this Zydeco mama, who wears a squeezebox on her chest, is more than a flirtatious young siren in a male-dominated genre. Ledet, who began playing her husband’s accordion while he was out, has quickly developed her own simple yet effective approach. A clever pop-melody craftswoman, her lighthearted and somber songs resonate, thanks to her sultry, soul-tinged timbre, and the Zydeco Playboys’ backbeat which fills up any dance floor. At 6 p.m. at Twist & Shout, 4800 Auburn Ave., Bethesda. $10. (301) 652-3383. (Steve Kiviat)