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First Joe asked for your vote. Now he may ask you to buy his CD.

Congressman Joe Scarborough of Florida, one of the rambunctious freshman Republicans who helped take over the House in 1994, also happens to be a multifaceted musician. Back when he was a mere attorney in Pensacola, Scarborough played in a rock band, but that sideline was suddenly displaced by such pesky items as the balanced budget amendment.

Now that the GOP’s legislative tempo has slowed, Scarborough has created the eponymously named band Joe. (Band members say the name is a spoof of the magazine George.) The group includes Scarborough, 34, his press secretary, drummer David Stafford, 27, Florida guitarist Dave Simmons, 26, and vocalist and conservative provocateuse April Lassiter, 28. (Lassiter, a former aide to House GOP Whip Tom DeLay, also has some solo musical projects going, including an angsty-female/funk demo tape—”a cross between Joan Osborne and Björk.”)

Joe recently recorded the masters for a dozen songs written by Scarborough, who sang and played guitar, piano, organ, bass, and even a bit of percussion. The band hopes to follow soon with an actual CD, so far untitled, and possibly some live gigs, if Scarborough’s schedule permits.

“The songs have an undercurrent which speaks to the disillusionment of Generation Xers with the boomer generation,” Lassiter says. “They spent so much time in the ’60s talking about values, and then in the ’80s they gave a new meaning to the phrase ‘keeping up with the Joneses.’ It’s not a political point of view; it’s alternative, and definitely making a cultural statement, but it’s not conservative per se. We could be an easy fit to open for Smashing Pumpkins, and maybe we will someday.”

Yeah, right around the time the Democrats take back the House.—Louis Jacobson