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Regarding “Girly Fair” (8/8):

I simply must take issue with the editorial decision that resulted in poor Jason, in the throes of post-castration anxiety after big bad Sarah McLachlan turned his girlfriend into a lesbian, reviewing the Lilith Fair and exposing his whiny jilted-lover pathos to thousands of readers. How humiliating. “I really am over Cindy,” he writes, but oh, how the personal grudge flows. Someone get the poor man a Kleenex!

The major issue that Jason was blinded to in his sexually frustrated haze is that this is a women’s music fair. It is not extensively marketed to the gay community because it is not a lesbian’s music fair. I know it’s an easy trap to fall into, since the mainstream media seems to think that if a bunch of chicks want to hang out, or make a movie, or make music together, they must be dykes. The writer sexualizes the listening experience with these artists, (“they run from abusive boys into the loving arms of Tori, Fiona, or Juliana”), oblivious to the fact that maybe women just want to hear the voices of those who have gone through similar pain, insecurity, or rejection. How I long for the day when people will stop thinking that lesbians have somehow been “driven” from men, and realize that maybe, gosh, I don’t know, they just happen to like women.

This is all above and beyond the fact that just because someone likes women’s pop doesn’t make them a “tryout dyke” or someone who “dabbles in lesbian sex, but says they are definitely straight” or even “curious,” above and beyond the utter lack of anything resembling a music review in his two-page rant against attendees of the Lilith Fair. For all his condescension toward the audience, there is nary a note about the actual performers, except to dis their clothes.

A final note to Cindy, wherever she may be: mega-props for ditching the moron who has so little respect for you he thinks someone’s music could “turn you into a lesbian.” Maybe it’s time you get straight with the loser. It wasn’t really his dick. It was him.

Adams Morgan

via the Internet