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John Cloud (“New York Fetish,” 8/1) spews forth the same tired bellyaching that proud Washingtonians suffer through day in, day out. Well, good riddance Mr. Cloud, I say. Why is it that you ever moved from Pine Bluff, Ark., to Washington, D.C., anyway? Coming from the neighboring state of Missouri, I don’t believe that Arkansas offered more local, independently owned delis, bakeries, even restaurants than the District does.

As the sidebar article by Arion Berger pointed out, New York is the standard-bearer for all U.S. cities, to which none other can truly compare. When will disgruntled Washington residents like Mr. Cloud realize this? Perhaps once they’ve moved far away from here, I suppose.

What’s most annoying about Cloud’s cover article is the inexplicable reason for Washington City Paper, Washington’s alternative newspaper, to publish such drivel in the first place. I truly expect to see a future cover article written favorably about the District. Something like Amanda Ripley’s jewel of an article, “Just Go,” in the same issue. Otherwise, good riddance to City Paper, too.

Adams Morgan

via the Internet