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There’s a place for everything, and the place to praise the “virtues” of New York City and at the same time explore your deep hatred for D.C. is not in Washington City Paper. I’m utterly horrified that a D.C. paper would waste prime space extolling the virtues of “that city up North” and overly and painfully dwelling on every flaw in our own hometown. You might as well be booing the Skins out of RFK.

The D.C. area cannot be compared to other cities, because no other city holds the seat of the federal government, which is the answer to the conundrum of why D.C. is how it is. I usually enjoy your little quips about the flaws in D.C. and the surrounding areas, because you focus on problems that need to be broached and are being ignored, but in this case, I take great umbrage at your publication of an article so blatantly negative about everything the people of D.C. love.

I understand the Metro area has flaws, but if you’re so unhappy about them, move away, and once you’ve moved away, write for the New Yorker or some other magazine “up there” about how much better your newfound home is than your old one. No need to keep Washingtonians posted on how much happier you are, etc. Ever heard the expression, “Here’s a quarter…”?

(Native Washingtonian)

Alexandria, Va.

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