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To John Cloud:

You say that the Washington-vs.-New York City debate is tired and stupid.

Then why did you write an article about just that (“New York Fetish,” 8/1)? Your article turned out to be tired and stupid, and you didn’t really settle the issue. And it probably never will be settled.

As a lifetime Washingtonian who has visited New York City, I will grant that there are some things about N.Y.C. that would be nice if they were emulated here. At the same time, I think Washington is probably a better place for not having most of what N.Y.C. does.

So, if you like N.Y.C. so much, go there, and stay there. I don’t care how many people D.C. has, because it’s always going to be the capital of the free world. And here’s another thought: Work on your writing, because when you get there and start failing, you won’t be able to live.

College Park, Md.

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