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I read Brett Anderson’s review of the Southwest waterfront (Young & Hungry, 7/25) with much disappointment and surprise that a writer would set out to comprise such a nasty review. As a member of the restaurant community on the waterfront, I not only disagree with much of what he has to say, but I think our loyal customers from the Washington area will beg to differ. Does he have something against the Southwest waterfront?

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For a city that struggles with an image problem everyday, I fail to see how Anderson’s review serves a constructive purpose. His criticism of the view of Hains Point, Washington Channel, and the marinas struck me as a bit excessive. As far as his issues with service and architectural design of the Southwest waterfront, few would argue that the area could use a face lift.

I think the thing that bothers me the most about Anderson’s article is that he barely reviewed the food, which is what patrons are here for. At Phillips Flagship, we have a 1,300-seat restaurant with a wait to be seated. Anderson acknowledges the wait, but failed to notice the reason Washingtonians flock to our restaurant. We have no doubt the fresh seafood buffet priced at $19.95 has brought them to us. Next time Young & Hungry reviews a restaurant, perhaps they should focus on what the restaurant has to offer. As for a review of the food, I guess we will have to turn to another food critic for that story.

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Phillips Seafood Restaurants