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Re: John Cloud’s “New York Fetish” (8/1):

As a musician who has been a performer in New York’s incomparable nightlife many times, I can clue Cloud into yet one more category in which New York leads D.C.: shitty, industry-driven bands who desperately want a.) to be really cool, and b.) to get signed (and then screwed and dumped) by major labels. I swear to God the schmooze factor at a New York show makes L.A. look as image-obsessed as, say, Cleveland. And despite all the advantages New York has to offer musicians—great venues, large and diverse audiences, competing 24-hour pot-delivery services—I have played with far too many New York bands with pathologically stupid names like “Lewd Vagrant” to not wonder if the drive to “make it” doesn’t too often choke all the risk-taking creative energy presumably flowing around the East Village.

Mount Pleasant