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Thank you for your informative article on The Skull Measurer’s Mistake and Exterminate All the Brutes (Books, 7/11). I had picked up a copy of the Skull book but not read it yet. I surely will read both it and Exterminate. I particularly appreciate the willingness of your paper to print a review of a book that has been out for a while. I am fairly certain I will be using part of one of these books in my next offering of my course on race relations, as I begin the course with Albert Memmi’s definition of racism in Dominated Man, quoting from memory: “the generalized and final assigning of values to differences real or imagined to the accuser’s benefit and at his victim’s expense in order to justify the former’s own privilege or aggression.” I suspect some portion of one of these two books will provide a rather systematic justification of Memmi’s definition.

Davis, Calif.

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