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Saxophonist Wayne Shorter lost his wife as well as his niece on TWA Flight 800. So when the former Weather Report-er teamed up with Herbie Hancock (his pianist partner from Miles Davis’ seminal ’60s quintet) for their sublime duo record 1 + 1, my People magazine sentimentality imagined a transparent tribute to his beloved Ana Maria. But Shorter and Hancock consistently confound expectations. The album’s edgy expressionism is neither mannered nor maudlin. Still, the album’s first track, “Meridianne—A Wood Sylph,” might be the threnody I was looking for: It’s a poetic, uncluttered work that features Shorter drifting and wailing over Hancock’s ruminative chordings. Hancock ends the song on a single, sustained note—the lowest, saddest G imaginable. Analyze the title and the homage seems more clear. But Shorter is, as always, too smart to be obvious. This is why he and Hancock, along with their mentor Davis, are among jazz’s greatest composers and players; they keep the mystery behind their music unsolvable—maybe even to themselves. See Hancock and Shorter weave their tales when they perform with Regina Carter and Nia Obelesi at 8 p.m. at Carter Barron Amphitheatre, 4850 Colorado Ave. NW. $16. (202) 260-6836. (Christopher Porter)