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AUGUST 18 & 19

Fred Astaire aside, Twyla Tharp’s choreography for Hair is some of the best dance on film you’ll ever see. Ever since I saw the movie I’ve fantasized about recreating the Central Park dance scenes in our humbler Malcolm X Park. Nobody has taken me up on it. They must have missed the film—all that jazz, ballet, tai chi, and funk mixed together. The beautiful, unpredictable interactions between dancers being lifted and carried, thrown and caught. Probably more than any other American choreographer, Tharp utilizes the diversity of dance and music forms that our melting pot offers. In one evening’s performance, you could hear classical, jazz, pop, and rock, see movements ranging from the most formal to the most free. Here’s a choreographer who doesn’t find “The Twist” beneath her. By way of example, the two upcoming programs include an ode to Route 66 set to big-band music, a new piece featuring the music of jazz trumpeter Roy Eldridge, and composer Phillip Glass’ ballet inspired by the David Bowie album, Heroes. If you think you don’t like contemporary modern dance or find it intimidating, Tharp could change your mind. At 8 p.m. at Wolf Trap Filene Center, 1624 Trap Rd., Vienna. $8-28. (703) 255-1860. (Holly Bass)