This sophomore offering from the black sheep of the Deal brood creeps closer to Breeders territory than did the raucous Go to the Sugar Altar, but still pretty much stiff-arms the more polished efforts of golden-girl Kim. Post-rehab Kelley is a what-the-fuck kind of girl, and of the 15 tracks here only a few break the three-minute mark or even qualify as complete cuts. Like a grade-schooler trying to impress the relatives with a new trick or a silly pun—”Look what else I can do!”—Deal quickly grows bored with a clever hook or a sing-along chorus and cuts to the next song in a frenzy. Yeah, it’s entertaining and breakneck, but it’s a little annoying, too (especially after the fleshed-out “Shag” and “Confidence Girl” do such swell jobs at raising the roof). Amusing snippets include “Stripper,” with Deal trilling “tra-la-la”s as she playfully ponders a life of lap dances and licorice thongs, and “Total War,” with its trio of snare drums sounding like a high-school marching band gone sour. (For that matter, the most annoying cut is “Drum Solo,” which is just that: a weak 24-second drum solo by skinsman Nick Hook.) Buried like untarnished treasures in this eclectic toybox are two of Kelley’s finest (and slowest) efforts to date: “When He Calls Me Kitten,” with a sweet, naked vocal and swampy slide guitar, and “Where Did the Home Team Go,” featuring the most honest sentiment Deal has uttered since dropping the needle and going straight.

—Sean Daly