The superman of injustice; the caped crusader of cruelty; the man who hides behind his very own pen. Which is most appropriate for John Cloud? His article “Slightseeing Tour” (8/15) was unprofessional. The way he was writing, he could have incorporated more dirt in his story. He should have said that Martians give the tours. All Washington tours are undercover operations to help the Martians get to know the Americans. The plans for their hostile takeover are under the drivers’ seats. When narrators of Tourmobile or drivers of the Trolley say, “Goodbye,” they really mean, “Thank you—will conquer soon.” So Mr. Editor, can I write for Washington City Paper, too? The information cannot be attributed to any individual, as bad journalists never reveal their sources. Just ask John Cloud.

Having taken both the Tourmobile and Trolley tours, I was disgusted by the unresearched context of the article. John needs to get his head out of the clouds and find the story, not the disillusioned images he writes. Maybe Washington is just too humid for John Cloud. Perhaps moving to New York would be a good option for him. I am sure they have a free paper there that he can write for.

College Park, Md.

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