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The usual names will flash through your head when you play this compilation of singles and B-sides: Velvet Underground, the Fall, Pavement, sometimes even the Pixies and Ride. But at least Yatsura is self-effacing enough to apologize for it. As “Kozee Heart” opens, singer/guitarist Graham Kemp announces, “Hey kids! This song was inspired by Steve Malkmus and the magic of Pavement, so before you’re gonna write in and…start taking the piss out of us and all that, remember we could be doing this all the time. Please enjoy.” The raucous Anglo-Irish foursome pilfers a lot, even taking its original name, Urusei Yatsura, from a Japanese comic book. But what brilliant theft. The members of the quartet rip through their rowdy songs, joyously spending as much time shouting as singing. The guitars of Kemp and Fergus Lawrie, who handle all the writing and vocal chores, playfully push and shove each other like high-school chums. ¡Pulpo! has a tad too much chaff—slow, tuneless songs like “Pampered Adolescent” and “Saki & Cremola.” But others (“Fake Fur” and “Silver Krest”) have such familiar riffs that you’re humming them before you realize you’ve never heard them before. And while the kickoff, “Strategic Hamlets,” with its “na-na-na-na” sing-along, comes off kinda dorky, “Down Home Kitty” and “Mirimar” buzz with agreeable noise. ¡Pulpo!’s B-side batch rarely measures up to last year’s excellent We Are Yatsura, but then, songs from that long-player such as “First Day on a New Planet” and “Plastic Ashtray” were tough acts to follow. And since most of ¡Pulpo! came out before that album, Yatsura’s probably on an upward climb, meaning this collection’s more good news from a charming young band.—Jeff Pruzan