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I read with some interest your article “Slightseeing Tour” (8/15). In this article, you took it upon yourself to pass judgment on the quality of our business in Washington, D.C. I always have a hard time answering when folks such as yourself tend to pontificate on the sightseeing industry. Certainly, you have an opinion and I would never deny you that right. However, when you use the one-sided forum of your own newspaper to spout your opinion, I do indeed have a problem, since it directly affects my employees and my ability to make a living.

For your information, our company owns similar operations in Key West, Savannah, Boston, Cambridge, and San Diego. We take a great deal of time and trouble to train our conductors to give an enjoyable yet educational summary of the cities that our guests are visiting. What you call “minutiae” happens to be the history that makes our country as well as our cities as great as they are. People come to Washington to learn about who we are and where we came from. Unfortunately, your stilted, cynical, self-serving opinion tends to neglect the fact that tourists are there to tour. They find the “minutiae” fascinating, and we believe that they appreciate the professional, entertaining manner in which we deliver it.

Of course, you are in the newspaper business to create controversy, which sells newspapers. I understand that. I am in business to please hundreds of thousands of people that ride my tours across America. I am truly sorry that you did not enjoy our tour, but I am also glad that you are in the small minority.

Chief Executive Officer

Historic Tours of America

Key West, Fla.