Why is it that as soon as any simpleton straps on a guitar and hops onstage, he’s suddenly lifted to the status of demigod? What happens to the lovable band geek before he steps onstage—nervous, confused, and too unstable to hold down a day job? Lucky us, we have Man…or Astro-Man? These bastard sons of Dick Dale are astral dweebs before, during, and after their shows. The spectacled bandmates, Coco the Electric Monkey Wizard, Dexter X, Birdstuff, and Starcrunch (pictured, left to right), look more like characters on the back of a cosmic cereal box than your everyday indie-rockers. While trends aren’t their forte, they seem to be on the crest of one. For now, geeks are cool, they run the world, and we must succumb to their power. So be prepared to be a puny earthling in their presence; haughtiness is your hindrance, a poised demeanor your destruction. It’s goony fun to watch these guys wax idiotic. With Quadrajets and Satan’s Pilgrims at 7:30 p.m. at the 9:30 Club, 815 V St. NW. $9. (202) 393-0930. (Elisa Nader)