Since the elections last fall, the sordid issues swirling around campaign finance have made the Post’s front page. No shocker, the scandal is nonpartisan—Republicans and Democrats alike are guilty. What is most surprising is not that, as usual, money talks, but that recent polls show that few people seem to care. With congressional hearings on reform scheduled for mid-September, ears may start perking up, and Elizabeth Drew is set to redefine the debate. After coining the term “soft money” during her longtime observance of Washington’s political follies, Drew is covering new angles of this problem in her latest book, Whatever It Takes: The Real Struggle for Political Power in America. Drew will discuss her discoveries of the ins and outs of campaign fund-raising and the strategies used in last year’s elections at noon at the National Archives, Room 105, 7th & Pennsylvania Ave. NW. FREE. (202) 501-5000. (Anthony Keats)