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Argh! I knew I shouldn’t have read “Crony Baloney” (9/5). No wonder D.C. doesn’t have the money to fix its garbage trucks and a thousand other problems, what with our great mayor wasting money left and right on ill-chosen minority set-asides. Note to Mayor Barry: Competitive bidding means choosing the lowest bid, not the highest!

I live in this city because, despite all the shit we have to deal with, it’s still a city, and not some lame suburb, but as a D.C. taxpayer I am pissed off! I want a damn refund for all the money Mayor Barry so blissfully wasted, and still wastes, in pursuit of some half-baked version of civil rights progress. Instead of giving D.C. workers a $1,000 bonus with the federal bailout money (another lamebrained Barry idea DOA), give all D.C. residents a tax refund instead. The control board would rather use the money to lower the city’s debt? Fine, then eliminate the office of mayor, sell Barry’s Town Car, get rid of his ridiculously large security detail (who wants to be caught dead within 10 feet of Barry nowadays, anyway?), and pass the savings on back to the beleaguered residents of this laughingstock town. Are you listening, Congress?

Forest Hills

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