“In reality the fire-code situation Fire inspectors testified in The fire-code situation will be cured

has been cured….None of the D.C. Superior Court on Aug. 7, when these damn fire inspectors stop

schools receiving roof 8, 14, and 15, and again pestering us.

replacement work currently on Sept. 11 that they found

have fire-code violations.”fire-code violations at nearly

—DCPS CEO Gen. Julius Becton, a dozen schools undergoing

at an Aug. 8 media briefingroof replacement work.

DCPS filed court documents listingActual construction did not All the coffee breaks were packed into

“work commencement dates” for begin at 15 of the 19 schools the early days of the contract.

the first 19 schools getting summer until July 30 or later.

roof repairs as July 22 and 23.

DCPS couldn’t access $20 million DCPS could have gotten the DCPS believes that asking for the

in bond sale proceeds for the roof $20 million as early as June 4 money before you’re ready to spend it

projects until mid-July, per Chief by making a formal request is just plain rude.

Financial Officer Ed Stephenson’s to city financiers.

explanation to the Washington

Post in an Aug. 22 article

“Most contracts were finalized A request for proposals for We use the word “final” the same way

by late June, officials say, and more than half of the we use the word “complete.”

repair work on most of the roofs current roof projects

started in late July or early August.”did not go out until

—Aug. 9 Washington Post article.July 14.

“Summer vacation is officially School officials who bungled We thought you wouldn’t notice.

extended for three weeks, pushing roof repairs needed three weeks

the start of school for all District to fix the mess they caused

of Columbia School children back by not starting the work

to September 22. Gen. Julius W. on time.

Becton, Chief Executive Officer and

Superintendent of DCPS,

announced the change today.”

—Aug. 7 press release —Tom Stabile