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Eddie Dean’s painfully accurate article (“The Return of the H-Bomb,” 9/12) should be required reading for any kid who buys an electric guitar.

I first met Evan Johns when he was too young to buy beer himself, but that was no problem. There were always people who wanted to see how much the Wild Kid could drink and how loud he could play. For every person who asked, “Evan, why don’t you go sleep it off?” five people answered, “Evan, finish off the case!” For every musician who asked, “Evan, you gotta play with the band, not against it!” five fans answered, “Crank it, boy! Go nuts!”

Now he’s come back on the Greyhound with empty pockets and a liver you could bowl with. He coulda been a contender. Someone shoulda looked out for him.

If you think you would have been strong enough to resist that kind of pressure, you’re lucky you never had to try.

Still Alive,

Chevy Chase, Md.

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