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There’s something wrong here—an article by someone on your staff that isn’t slamming every aspect of D.C. life (“My D.C.,” 9/19)? Somebody who actually has something positive to say about the city, despite its faults? Somebody black—not from the Ward Connolly/Armstrong Williams/Clarence “Uncle” Thomas ass-licking school of political thought, like that Jonetta clown you had writing for you—who can put a complete sentence together? What’s happening here?

Normally, when people complain to me about the content and style of most articles in the birdcage liner you euphemistically call a newspaper, I merely tell them that you get what you pay for, and that the price of your thing is just right. However, if you continue with good, substantive features like this one, maybe you could actually charge for it. They get money for the Post, don’t they?

And to Mr. Roberts I say, good job, nicely done; there are more of us who feel the way you do than the constant mumblers and whiners you see in most print and other media in this town. And if the others writing for Washington City Paper don’t like it, let them pack their stuff and get on down the road—get gone! Help make it better or just go away—far, far away.

Fort Slocum Park

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