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We are writing to you regarding the article written by Jason Cherkis titled “Congressional High: Killing time on Capitol Hill, D.C. high-school kids pray for class” (9/19). The article was very displeasing to us, and we were terribly misquoted by your journalist. Rodney Bunn was offended by the remark that he calls his boss “Richie” instead of Congressman Gephardt. Curtis Banks was offended that he was badly misquoted as saying, “Kids in D.C. are made to be misfits, but I don’t feel like a misfit.” Why not? “It’s the shoes.” Mr. Banks never made that statement and is hurt that Cherkis would write and that you would print that quote and an article of this nature.

We hope that this article can be corrected and we would like to say that we are very dissatisfied with the way that Cherkis portrayed us and our other colleagues. Unfortunately, Cherkis did not write anything in his article about how hard the D.C. interns work every day in the congressional offices or how much they are learning or how most are enjoying the experience. We hope that this matter can be cleared up as soon as possible. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Rodney Bunn


School Without Walls

Curtis Banks Jr.


Dunbar Senior High

D.C. High School Internship Program

Capitol Hill