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Mark E.P. Roberts is no fool (“My D.C.,” 9/19). Someone once said that the important thing is the obvious thing that nobody is saying. Roberts has stated what many locals know but take for granted. He knows from experience that, despite the problems so well documented by the media, there are good reasons to live in D.C.

Many of us feel personally satisfied with life in D.C. We like our neighborhoods and the diverse mix of people who animate them. We like a vibrant sidewalk life, living within walking distance to everything we need, and having neighbors who wave hello. D.C. is full of neighborhoods in which people have a feeling of community and a sense of belonging. But that side of the story—our strongest asset and a reason why so many of us have sat on the sidelines patiently waiting for our elected officials to make improvements—is rarely covered.

Like Roberts, more of us need to think about what we like and want to protect. We need to find ways to get involved in our neighborhoods and to make ourselves heard before too many people get the idea that we don’t care. We need to find ways to make it work before it starts to become like the places where the people who use our city to meet

call home, the places we don’t

want to live.

Dupont East