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Guitarist Joe Morris is the cat. After hearing his new record, Antennae, I went home, picked up my six-string, and tried to emulate him: I sprained a finger, went into shock, and was hospitalized for a week. Such is the effect of the Boston-based improviser. Influenced as much by West African string music and Jimi Hendrix as by Cecil Taylor and Leroy Jenkins, Morris baffles with his quick-witted playing; the speed of his musical thought is simply awe-inspiring. Morris’ left hand flashes back and forth over his strings, creating the sonic equivalent of a strobe light, the flurries of notes sounding clipped as they rush past your ears. His crisp-toned solos swirl and collapse, defy meter and traditional harmonies, and, not to get too technical, generally kick ass. Much is made of the fact that Morris uses no effect boxes in building his intricate textures, but he already delivers so much information that any added distortion or chorusing would simply smear his meaning. See the Joe Morris Trio tonight at 8 and 10 p.m. (when I’ll be handing him my hospital bill) at Crush, 2323 18th St. NW. $10. (202) 319-1111. (Christopher Porter)