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Your article “Raising the Roof” (9/19) in general typifies your paper’s excellent reporting on local issues. However, as other, more timely readers may have already noted, you make an erroneous statement in your second paragraph of the article: “…despite spending more than $7,300 per student, the highest cost in the nation.”

Any parent who has read even cursorily about school funding knows that D.C.’s spending per child—assuming the amount you report is correct—is by no means “the highest cost in the nation.” Perhaps your information came from an ignorant source in the D.C. school system. While I can’t confirm specific statistics for you, I have reports from residents in wealthy suburban school systems elsewhere in the nation who claim their per student spending is nearly twice what you cite for the District. Were I writing a story where I needed to confirm their claims with school officials, I would do so.

Please do not lapse into the careless reporting that readers are so often subjected to by other newspapers, but which your paper generally avoids. A little research goes a long way!

Arlington, Va.