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I think Richard Hébert needs to

hit his history books (The Mail, 9/26): His comparison of the D.C. control board takeover to “Neville Chamberlain striking a deal with Hitler” is inaccurate. It’s now common knowledge that Chamberlain fully realized how dangerous the

dictator really was. He was not bargaining with Hitler blindly and naively. Britain in 1938 was not

ready to engage in full-scale war,

and Chamberlain was wisely buying time for England while it mobilized for battle. Sort of like buying off the class bully with your lunch money, keeping him at bay while you secretly take self-defense classes. Then going up to him months later and kicking his butt.

I do want to compliment Bob Mondello on his detailed article on little-known ways you can afford to see live theater in Washington (“Steal This Seat,” 10/3). Only he didn’t mention the option of “obstructed view seats,” offered in at least three theaters: Ford’s Theatre, the Folger theater on Capitol Hill, and the Kennedy Center Opera House. These seats may have annoying obstacles (such as columns at Ford’s), but one can always move to a nearby empty seat at intermission. Such seats are even cheaper than upper balcony prices and are usually available up to curtain. Just ask at the box office.

Garrett Park, Md.

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