Ahhh, to be young and angry! Suburban revolutionaries attempt another takeover of the Capitol Ballroom this afternoon, and New Jersey-based Ensign will lead the pouting. The scene, now dominated by cell phone-toting teenies, is not the angry mosh pit Ian MacKaye would have it be, but Ensign’s 1988-style backbeats, microphone pileups, and sing-alongs attempt to bring it back. Metal guitar still rules here, but hardcore’s “pick up the change,” “barrel turns” and “creepy crawl” mosh staples may keep the show real. Don’t expect any straight-edge, vegan diatribes, as Ensign’s speedy punk riffs will keep everybody sufficiently pissed off. Vision warms up the party at 2 p.m. at the Capitol Ballroom, 1015 Half St. SE. $7. (202) 554-1500. (Reginold Royston)