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For those who are shocked by Lauch Faircloth’s (as well as Carroll’s Foods’ and the like) greed and the plight of beautiful North Carolina countryside (“Boss Hog,” 10/10), I’ve got an easy and painless resolution: Don’t eat pork. What’s more powerful than consumer boycott? It seems clear to me. Why the community, in which many realize that they are being exploited, supports this “industry” by eating pork is beyond my comprehension. Michael Schaffer didn’t state what the community members were planning on throwing on the grill before they had to run for cover, but I suspect it used to oink.

Consumption of animal fat is directly connected to most cancer, heart disease, obesity, and osteoporosis. Production of animal meat is costly, an inefficient way to obtain protein, environmentally devastating, and as an industry it benefits the few greedy rich. What Faircloth and his hog farms produce is not just a plump (antibiotic and pesticide-saturated) pork chop but also waste, pollution, destruction of community, pain, and last but not least, vomit.

Thank you for your important article on Faircloth and factory farming. Keep it up!

Alexandria, Va.

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