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Chris Peterson’s article “A Six-

Year-Old Scandal” (10/10) finally gives a true airing of the D.C.

Auditor’s prior review of the issues related to MPD’s overtime and many of the same issues apparently contained in Booz-Allen’s evaluation of the department.

Booz-Allen has apparently used prior audit reports and internal reports prepared by MPD officials as the basis for their reports. The reported $5-million contract cost appears to be excessive for rewriting, repackaging, and airing prior work completed by the government. A good follow-up may be to try to determine how much of the contract cost is related to this part of the contract. A second objective may be to try to determine what new audit concepts, findings, conclusions, and recommendations represent totally new work by the consultants.

If the same contract were let by the mayor and relied so heavily on prior audits and reports completed by the government, the media and the Congress would be outraged and would raise questions regarding the propriety of the contract. We should do no less here!

Former Deputy Auditor under Otis H. Troupe

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