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In response to Officer Dennis Fair’s letter (The Mail, 10/17), I want to say that it sounds completely fair to me; the only thing that sounds unfair is that people with this mentality are given badges and guns. Fair states that this city doesn’t have enough free parking? He is truly a genius, with his finger on the pulse of his community. He says that what parking the officers do have gets used by those who are “merely” civilians, not godlike police officers. Perhaps he should shoot these lowly, worthless civilians, thus freeing more parking spaces for his ilk—after all, police deserve the best, right?

He mentions that cops receive parking tickets, and he claims to have to pay them (which I don’t believe for a minute); wow, that must be horrible. It’s almost like he’s been reduced to the level of (gasp) a citizen!

Fair’s next indicator that he is truly out of touch comes in the statement, “In most occupations, if you are required to come to work you can guarantee a place to park, except MPD.” Not only does this sentence illustrate his ignorance of English grammar, it shows again his ignorance of the city he purports to work for. Not only are there “No Parking” signs everywhere and two-hour-maximum meters, but there are hundreds of pay-to-park garages and lots in the city. If everyone gets free parking as part of their benefits, how do those places stay in business? I guess I’m the only sucker in this city who has to pay for parking (and it’s not cheap).

He ends his letter by whining “with the lack of support from most officials and citizens, is it really worth it?” No, its not. Why don’t you get a job that will better allow you to abuse your power, like a Lorton prison guard?

The reason he, and other officers like him, experience a “lack of support” is clearly shown by this letter—cops believe that they are not like us; they are better, and above the law. For example, there are numerous minor daily infractions that we all witness: How many times have you seen police speeding through residential areas? Or running stoplights rather than sitting through them? Or going the wrong way down a one-way street for a shortcut? That is, when they are actually in their cars, and not chasing women or dicking around in 7-Eleven.

Woodbridge, Va.

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