A quick response to the comment from a commuter that said no one uses the new bike lane on Calvert Street (City Desk, 10/24): I use it every day (the measly two blocks of it) to get to and from work at Oyster Bilingual Elementary School. I have commuted that way by bicycle for six years, and though my ride westbound is now marginally safer, the ride eastbound is actually more dangerous because of the tricky bike lane that maneuvers between two zooming car lanes before disappearing.

Since the bike lane opened, three other teachers now commute to Oyster by bicycle! In addition, I pass at least two other bikers when I go by in a span of just three minutes. Several students ride their bikes to school but still find the sidewalks safer.

The Washington Post on 10/26 talks about how D.C. is second only to L.A. in congestion and commute time. And yet public transportation is cut, bikes are limited on Metro, the few bike lanes that exist or are proposed are fought tooth and nail, etc. I pay taxes for roads and public transportation, yet though I don’t use them I am hassled by drivers on a daily basis for riding a bike. My life and safety are threatened regularly. What a price to pay for the important role of reducing air and noise pollution, congestion, and use of natural resources!

Mount Pleasant

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