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So is this how a paper like yours stays competitive with the mainstream paper in town? By trashing the other’s reporters and their careers? This stuff on Jennifer Frey (Paper Trail, 10/17) must truly be salacious for you. What a great idea it must have been for you to tie the whole thing together into a tidy knot—the incident from 1992 and her work as a journalist. Bonzai, eh? Bingo.

Well, way to go on slam-dunking the career of a strong sportswriter. I bet it was hard to find colleagues who wouldn’t clearly be envious of her stature as a columnist, especially one with such pulse and talent. And after all, women don’t really know and can’t write sports; isn’t that general knowledge? Oh, I bet it was hard to find unidentified sources.

The truth of the matter is Jennifer Frey is a hell of a sportswriter, and she carries out her job with the utmost professionalism—even more than most, because she’s had to. Undoubtedly, she’s faced a lot of Jack Morrises in her career—ready to deny her credibility in what she does very well—write sports. Rest assured, she’s very mindful of journalistic credibility. If only others could be so conscientious. Your article tying all of this hullabaloo together does her and her career great disservice.

Arlington, Va.