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In response to the article “Brothelly Love” (10/17), I would like to say that Jake Tapper’s humor and descriptions of prostitution were totally insulting. What’s so funny about rich kids from GW and Georgetown gentrifying a neighborhood, moving in and causing the previous tenants to lose their jobs and/or homes and to get hauled off to jail? And why is the reader constantly reminded of the race (“Hispanic”) of the supposed criminals but is never told the race of the rich kids who moved into the house? Is it because they’re white? Are we supposed to assume they’re white, and therefore “normal” or “acceptable” tenants/neighbors/people? Also, sex-work is real work, and is the only way a lot of women/people are ever going to make the kind of money those GW and Georgetown graduates make and probably take for granted. Sex workers are treated as a disposable class of people, good only for a dead body to thicken the plot of a movie or as humorous scenery in a (City) paper article. These are real people you’re talking about, and a blowjob is better than no job.

Mount Pleasant

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