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It is about time someone did an article on the theaters in the area that would actually help someone not making a six-digit-figure salary (“Steal This Seat,” 10/3).

I have lived in the Washington area for about a year now, and I love theater, but the prices and my paycheck had a small conflict. Basically, it would have bled me dry had I gone to all the shows I wanted to, if I was forced to pay the prices listed in the papers and at the box offices. I would read about all the plays in the local papers but would simply turn to my wonderfully free television when I saw the prices. I can’t remember one time that any of the papers mentioned discount tickets in their articles. I mean, jeez, some of these places are charging around $60 for one seat. For me, that would mean skipping the Safeway on grocery day. Two or three hours for almost two week’s worth of groceries? I don’t think so.

The list of theaters and their discounts was thorough and impressive. I took that section out of the paper and made a copy for future reference. Heck, that Potomac Theatre Project looks quite tempting, if it’s any good. I would have never guessed there was free theater in D.C.!