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Mark E.P. Roberts’ outstanding article “Who’s Looking Out for Tiffany?” (10/31) effectively addresses everyday, immediate problems of education resource allocation, while at the same time raising essential philosophical questions that go far beyond the immediate politics of the issue. As Roberts has learned, our world distributes its gifts very unevenly, and some would say unfairly, among its people. As humans, we have a choice about how we respond to this fact. By their design, our institutions will either tend to balance the inherent unfairness of life, or to reinforce it. The former must have hidden costs, which even those on the short end of the stick seem to perceive. This is an issue of metapolitics, in which we must address the tension between the desire for homogeneity of opportunity and the perceived need to assign roles in a group or society among natural leaders and followers.

I hope Roberts and others will continue to strive for what he believes is best for all of our children, and to share his observations with us so astutely.

Mount Pleasant

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