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Your twisted, bitter attempts at reporting on the recent Promise Keepers rally on the Mall merely reveal your atheistic, overly negative, and whiny outlook on life (Paper Trail, 10/10). Based on other, more responsible reporting of this event, the Promise Keepers cleaned up after themselves very well (as they have done at earlier rallies elsewhere), so they did not require much of any “help picking up the garbage when the hosannas finally die[d] down.” Did you really expect such a nonprofit organization to make a $250,000 “donation” to the District so the latter could be paid to police the event against a nonexistent threat of crime there, and then deploy workers to clean up a trifling amount of garbage? Of course you didn’t—instead of reporting on the attempt by some Promise Keepers to fix up some of the closed schools in the District, you had to find something about which to belittle them.

For some reason, the spectacle of several hundred thousand Christian males—mostly white, heterosexual, and living outside the Beltway—descending on the Mall strikes fear in the hearts of people like you and the National Organization for Women. Typically, you and NOW don’t accept these males’ right to meet on the Mall, instead lashing out against them with poisoned reporting and paranoid press releases (which also got considerable mention in the Post). Your perception of reality is warped by your own increasingly extremist views. Unfortunately, this is to be expected from those who claim to possess the “alternative” mantle as their mantra of self-actualization and the sole justification of their worthless existence.

Rot in your own squalor.

Northern Virginia